The Journey of the Mound Lord’s Heir

This is the campaign log for the first official playtest of the Crossroads: The New World campaign setting. Over the next few weeks we will iron out the kinks and smooth the wrinkles out of a world based on one which is intimately familiar to many gamers, yet is mysteriously absent from the world of tabletop fantasy roleplaying: the continent of North America.

Crossroads is an alternate-history Pathfinder campaign setting, depicting a world very much like our own, where history has taken a turn from what we know and continued down a very different course. We pick up the thread of history in 1750 A.D. Ask yourself…

  • What would history have looked like if magic had existed, where spellcasters were as common as doctors?
  • What would have happened if China had already been colonizing the west coast when Columbus first made landfall on the east?
  • What would it be like if the Tuniit giants of Inuit myth had been real, and had absorbed the newly arrived Inuit, rather than being chased off? What if they did the same with the Vinland colonies?
  • How would the balance of power in the New World been different if the Mississippi merchant-city of Cahokia had thrived all the way into the 1700s?
  • What might have been if Hernán Cortés’ illegal and unauthorized expedition in the land of the Mexica had ended in his death? What if the Aztec Empire had never fallen to invasion, and instead grown larger and more powerful with the aid of newly-acquired firearm technology?

Imagine a world where European wizards pit their magic against Aztec bloodcasters, where Chinese martial artists square off against Vinlandr berserkers, where native musketeers stand against rampaging monsters. Imagine a world which is at once intimately familiar and shocking in its strangeness.

Imagine a world you may have known your entire life, yet never truly appreciated how wonderful, how strange, and how exciting it truly is.

Imagine… a New World.

The Journey of the Mound Lord's Heir

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