The Journey of the Mound Lord's Heir

Entry #2

The heads are defeted, and an offer of employment is made

With the chon-chons soundly defeated (and an exploding keg of black powder narrowly avoided), Lu the Sasquatch compliments the players on their skill in battle, and suggests that, if they have no other constraints on their time, that his employer (a major Mound Lord) is looking for some hired muscle, and is willing to pay quite handsomely for it. The players agree to hear the man out, and follow Lu to the top of one of the larger mound-complexes.

After a short time (and some more in-depth introductions), Lord Many-Earrings appears. He says that he needs a band of adventurers to provides security for his son, Prince Caddogah, who will shortly be attending a major trade conference on his father’s behalf, acting ad his proxy.

The Prince cannot afford to miss the Link, even if his hired escorts have not arrived yet. They need someone to escort him, and Lu says that the players fight well together. The Mound Lord believes him, but asks for a small “exhibition match” against Lu and a few of his soldiers, so that he may see their prowess with his own eyes. The players consent, and the match begins immediately.



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