Lucifer (a.k.a. Lu)

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Lu, born in the Green Mountains of Columbia, is a rarity not only for the fact that he is a Sasquatch, but because he is a Sasquatch of bright red fur. Due to the color of his fur, he was alienated from the other Sasquatches. All of the other Sasquatches use to laugh and call him names. They never let poor Lu Join in any Sasquatch games. Then one foggy eve, they abandoned him…

Lu, 4-years-old, alone, and scared, quickly found himself captured by slave traders who highly value the strength and size of Sasquatches. Purchased in auction by master Edward Higgleton, Lu now would call the Higgleton plantation his home for the next ten years. Lu worked endless hours clearing forests and moving lumber to further the expansion of the master’s plantation. Among the overseers, he often was referred to as a red “Devil” or “Demon”. These descriptions fit aptly to the idol he would one day name himself after: Lucifer.

On Sundays, the master would read Bible passages to the slave and preach the holiness of God. Lu, however, deeply resenting the master and his religious teachings, poked holes in the master’s theology every chance he could — although, never speaking his heretical thoughts aloud due to fear of punishment. He saw the flood, the testing of Job, and the bite of the apple all as evil contrivances of God. Seeing these as acts of evil, it was only natural for him to adopt God’s adversary as a hero. The misses’s weekly readings of Milton’s Paradise Lost only aided his backwards ideology.

As he entered puberty, Lu began to recognize his own strength in comparison to weak human overseers. He no longer used an ax to remove trees, but was now able to pull them out by the root. He knew there wasn’t an overseer on the plantation who could perform such a feat. He no longer saw the point in obeying the overseers and began to plot his escape. However, before he could complete his escape plan, Lu had a lapse in his normally calm demeanor. Carrying a large tree over his should, Lu witnessed something he had seen many times before: a slave being relentlessly beaten. He hated the overseer for his cruelty and fantasized of smashing the overseers’s head. Feeling the log in his hands and knowing the strength with which he could wield it, he swung and made his fantasy come true. The lifeless overseer, lying in a bloody heap 30 feet away from where he once stood, inspired Lu to realize that he didn’t need to scheme in order to escape and that he could simply leave, so he did.

Lu did not hide from the parties sent after him, but instead met them with the wrath of his log. Eventually the attacks on Lucifer slowed in their frequencies as he became more talented in smashing people with his log. This is when he finally named himself. Having long forgotten the name he was born with, and forsaking his slave name, he adopted the name of his hero, Lucifer. With this name, he vowed to forever oppose anything he deemed evil and to always protect those who are unable to protect those who could not protect themselves.

As he ventured on, he met Lord Many-Earrings who took him in, treated him fairly, paid him handsomely for honest work, and kept him hidden from any search parties seeking his arrest for the murder of the overseer. Over time, Lucifer grew fond of the lord and his son as if they were his own family.

Lucifer is often call by the name Lu for short as he realizes how this name can spark unwanted attention. He will often keep his name hidden in order to avoid conflict, but is unwilling to change the name.

He is also a man of few words as he struggles deeply with the grammar of the languages he speaks due a complete lack of education.

Lucifer (a.k.a. Lu)

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