The Journey of the Mound Lord's Heir

Entry #5

A battle ensues, and the Prince is subdued

Chang leaps away from the newly-transformed Prince Cadogah’s initial bite, and the battle begins. Angered at being cheated of his mouthful of fox-flesh, but still possessing some of his human cunning, the beast pulls out a stone-headed war club and swings at Chang, barely missing. As the other party-members arrive, Chang flees into the woods (secretly returning to human form and bringing up the rear behind his comrades, as if he had followed them the entire way).

Lu recognizes the Prince by his clothing, and makes a hasty explanation to the other party-members that this is their charge, and not a mere mad beast. He attempts to reason with the Prince while fending off the boy’s attacks with his dire staff, but meets with no success. Ranid tries his best to recall if there’s anything that can be used to bring lycanthropes to their senses: he (incorrectly) remembers that singing is the surest way to calm the savage beast, and immediately launches into a round of Dutch folk-songs, to no effect.

Thanks to a lucky shot, the Prince somehow slips past Lu’s defenses and knocks the red-furred Sasquatch out cold, and immediately turns his attentions on the next biggest threats: the rest of the party members. Realizing that the prince’s magical armor (a gift from his father) combined with his lycanthropic damage resistance makes him very difficult to damage, the players scramble into the trees to avoid him (as Chang had already done when they weren’t looking).

Wearing the Prince down from both above and below (with Mr. Bear’s help and a few well-placed silver bullets, and later on, with the help of a reawakened Lu), the players eventually do enough damage to render the Prince unconscious (though it remains to be seen whether they can stabilize him and prevent his death from blood loss).



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