Takoda (a.k.a. Tim)

Summoner (Patrick's character)


Race: Kiwolatomuhsisok
Class: Summoner
Culture: Native (Northeastern) – The Cahokian League


Takoda grew up in one of the smaller tribes of the Cahokian League, alongside a human (going with the named Whakoowah (“Charging Bear”), though my guy was likely to just refer to him as “Mr. Bear”. Whakoowah grew to be a great warrior, and Takoda wanting to help him learned supporting magic. The two of us were close friends, the mighty warrior and the tiny little mage. As their tribe was one of little political power, the two often spoke of one day taking a journey to see the world, and seeking out magic artifacts that might bring prestige to the tribe, maybe even one day becoming as powerful as the mighty Mound Families. But no matter what, they would always help people in need on their journey.

Late one night, Whakoowah was called upon to aid in tracking down a band of brigands that had been harassing the villages. Whakoowah left with the other warriors, but little Takoda, who was still sleeping, was left behind, as Whakoowah didn’t wish to wake his little friend for something like common bandits. Unfortunately, the bandits knew they were being pursued and prepared an ambush. Mighty Whakoowah managed to save many of the other warriors in the ensuing fight, but he had ultimately lost his life.

When poor Takoda learned of his friend’s death, he was devastated, and secluded himself. In his seclusion, however, Takoda, having magical powers, attracted the attention of a friendly spirit. It was through that spirit that Takoda learned that he had the powers of a summoner, and was able to call force a mighty eidolon. Takoda’s eidolon took the form of a large, bear like man creature, and Takoda feeling as if some essence of his lost friend was contained within this eidolon, took to calling him Mr. Bear as well.

Soon after mastering this new power, Takoda finally decided that he, and Mr. Bear would finally go on that journey, to seek out artifacts to help his tribe, and help people along the way.

Takoda (a.k.a. Tim)

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