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Tanaraq’s father is the leader of her tribe – so, yes, she’s a fairy princess. She’s the youngest of two daughters. Her elder sister, Panik, is in line to take her father’s place as leader. Tanaraq and Panik have never seen eye-to-eye. As younger sister, Tanaraq has seen the cruel side of Panik’s nature, and as she grew older, she understood what that could mean for her tribe once Panik becomes leader.

To challenge Panik for the right to lead, however, Tanaraq needs more power and strength. For her, those things will come from a deeper connection to nature and the earth. She left her tribe to go on something of a vision quest, and traveled far to the southwest. She met many people and had many adventures during this time, including purchasing and learning to use her weapon, but the most significant was when she met Nukka.

Tanaraq had been far from civilization for too long, and in an unfamiliar desert land, she was fast becoming dehydrated. Dizzy and confused, she stumbled from a cliff and would have died but suddenly felt herself being lifted into the air as if she were flying.

When she was brought safely to the ground, Tanaraq discovered she’d been saved by a massive (to her) golden eagle. Through her ability to forge a connection with animals, Tanaraq learned from the eagle how to eat and drink in the area. In a dream, Tanaraq discovered that the eagle’s name was Nukka.

Nukka agreed to accompany Tanaraq on her adventures, and they have become a complementary pair, working well together to overcome the obstacles in their path. Tanaraq is slowly working her way north again, but she knows she is not yet ready to return home and face her sister. For that, she needs still more power, and that will take time…and more adventures.


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